April 5, 2023

6 best web3 job boards in 2023

In this article, we provide a carefully selected list of six top web3 job boards

As the Web3 landscape evolves and expands, the need for skilled professionals in a variety of sectors is on the rise. Navigating through the multitude of job boards to find the right Web3 opportunity can be challenging. Let's be honest, when you're in job hunt mode, you aren't just going to visit one platform. You're going to browse dozens of different job boards to see if you can find the right role, that needle in a haystack.

In this article, we provide a carefully selected list of six top Web3 job boards.

1. Bitcoiner Jobs

Bitcoiner Jobs is an excellent choice if you're looking for Bitcoin-related jobs. The platform allows you to browse for jobs that pay in Bitcoin, find remote positions at Bitcoin-first organizations, and receive relevant job listings directly in your inbox. Additionally, Bitcoiner Jobs shares information about industry events, providing valuable networking opportunities.

2. Chapter One Jobs

Chapter One is a prominent venture capital firm with a significant portfolio in the crypto space. Their Web3 job board features a vast range of opportunities at various portfolio companies, supported by a strong talent team that actively updates the listings. Chapter One Jobs is an excellent resource for discovering top Web3 jobs at leading companies.

The Chapter One job board

3. a16z Portfolio Jobs

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) is a leading venture capital firm with a strong presence in the crypto investment landscape. Their Web3 job board offers numerous opportunities at top companies within their extensive portfolio. By browsing through the a16z job listings, you can find exciting positions across different sectors and skill levels.

4. Crypto.jobs

Crypto.jobs is a crypto-focused job board featuring a wide range of opportunities in the decentralized space. While the platform charges a high fee for companies to post job listings, it offers an extensive selection of Web3 jobs for job seekers. Crypto.jobs is a valuable resource for discovering attractive positions in the burgeoning crypto industry.

5. Web3.Career

Web3.Career is a regularly updated job board with a curated selection of Web3 roles. Although the platform often requires you to email the hiring manager instead of applying directly through the job board, it remains a valuable resource for finding the latest Web3 job opportunities.

The web3.career job board

6. Thirdwork

Thirdwork is more than just a job board; it's a talent platlform for professionals and employers in web3. The platform includes:

  • A full-time job board (which allows eligible employers to post jobs for free, maximizing their reach)
  • Curated freelance opportunities for top talent vetted by thirdwork
  • Talent profiles that allow you to show off your profile and get discovered by hiring managers (for free!)
  • A comprehensive list of thousands of crypto companies to browse and reach out to
  • A curated resource library where you can expand your knowledge and share your expertise with the broader community
The Thirdwork talent platform with job board

The six best Web3 job boards mentioned above can serve as valuable resources for finding your dream crypto career. As you explore these platforms, don't forget to sign up for Thirdwork, a unique web3 talent platform that not only connects you with freelance and full-time opportunities but also helps you showcase your  profile to potential employers. With persistence and the right resources, landing your ideal Web3 job is within reach.

6 best web3 job boards in 2023

Giulia @ Thirdwork

Thirdwork Editorial Team

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