January 17, 2023
7 minutes

How the best web3 companies find talent

The web3 industry is rapidly growing and evolving, and candidates and freelancers need to stay up-to-date on how the best companies are sourcing talent

As the Web3, crypto, and blockchain industry continues to grow, job opportunities in these fields are becoming more and more prevalent. However, finding the right job opportunities can be a challenge, as the industry is still relatively new and traditional hiring methods may not be as effective.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 ways that the best web3 companies are finding talent, and provide insights on how job seekers can increase their chances of finding their next web3 job opportunity.

  1. Web3-native groups

Many platforms, such as Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, have organically grown groups of individuals who are interested in web3 and crypto. These groups can be a great resource for companies looking to find new talent, as they can "infiltrate" these groups and identify key individuals who not only have the necessary technical skills and knowledge, but also share the values of the company.

Joining and actively participating in these groups can be an effective way for job seekers to connect with potential employers and showcase their skills and knowledge. It's important to be aware of the dynamics and culture of these groups (sometimes that can mean being a total degen, sometimes it definitely does not). Joining multiple groups across different platforms can also increase your chances of finding the right opportunity.

Another great way to network and connect with industry professionals is by attending web3 and crypto events. These events provide an opportunity for job seekers to meet and network with potential employers and other industry professionals. Many events also feature job fairs and hiring events, where companies can meet and interview potential candidates in person. For example, Ethereum events like ETHDenver attract a wide audience, as do NFT-focused events like NFTNYC.

  1. LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn gets ignored in crypto, many web3 companies are still using LinkedIn to post job opportunities and wait for candidates. However, the best companies are always taking a more proactive approach by searching profiles and reaching out to potential candidates directly. To increase your chances of being contacted by a web3 startup, be sure to regularly check the platform for new opportunities and optimize your profile to appear in searches.

Want to maximize your chances? The sad reality is that most employers still don't love anonymous and undoxxed employees. If you're fine with that, your LinkedIn profile should be professional and up-to-date, including your current job title, skills, and experience. It's also important to include a summary that highlights your relevant experience and skills, and to list any relevant certifications or education. Additionally, connecting with other employees at web3 companies on LinkedIn can increase your visibility and help you establish a network.

  1. Agencies

Given the rapid growth of web3, many companies are outsourcing their hiring needs to external parties. This allows companies to save time and money, while also ensuring that they are only interacting with skilled and qualified candidates. These agencies can reach out to talent through social media, LinkedIn, or web3-focused job boards such as web3.career.

Working with a recruitment agency can be a great way for job seekers to find their next web3 opportunity. Agencies have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the industry, and can match job seekers with the right companies and opportunities. Additionally, they can provide valuable advice and guidance on how to prepare for interviews and how to negotiate job offers.

  1. Curated talent platforms

Web3 companies often want to find new hires as quickly and efficiently as possible. Curated talent platforms give companies access to a list of vetted individuals with a proven track record in the industry, allowing them to move forward with the hiring process at a much faster rate than traditional job boards.

Curated talent platforms (like thirdwork) can be a great way for job seekers to get noticed by web3 companies. These platforms typically have a rigorous vetting process, which means that only the most qualified and experienced candidates are included in the talent pool. By joining a curated talent platform, job seekers can showcase their skills and experience to a wider audience of potential employers, and increase their chances of finding the right opportunity.

Additionally, curated talent platforms often provide resources and support to help job seekers improve their skills and knowledge. For example, some platforms offer online courses and certifications, which can help job seekers stand out from the competition.

  1. Poaching from web2 and big tech

An increasing number of Web3 companies are looking to attract individuals with experience at the Big Tech companies. Since many web3 companies are relatively new, they know that they may not find candidates with a lot of hands-on experience. Instead, they focus on individuals who share their values and have a clear desire to help the company grow.

Having experience in Big Tech can be a major advantage for job seekers looking to break into web3 industry. The skills and knowledge gained from working inside the belly of the beast can be highly valuable in a fast-paced and rapidly changing industry like Web3.

A few final thoughts

Since web3 is rapidly growing and changing, job seekers should be aware of the new methods and resources that companies are using to find talent.

Joining and actively participating in web3-native groups, optimizing your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, working with recruitment agencies, and joining curated talent platforms are all effective ways to increase your chances of finding your next Web3 job. Even if you don't have web3 experience, many web3 startups are actively focused on poaching top talent from web2 companies.

Additionally, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, to expand your professional network and to be open to new opportunities. By following these tips, job seekers can increase their chances of finding the right Web3 job opportunity that aligns with their skills, values, and career aspirations.

Finally, if you build a track record in the web3 space and are looking for freelance and advisory work, apply to Thirdwork today to get matched with top web3 companies.

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