December 2, 2022

How Top Web3 Companies Hire

Looking to find a job with a web3 startup? If you are expecting the traditional recruitment process with these companies, you may be surprised

People looking for crypto, web3, or blockchain jobs have plenty of options available. Even despite the bear market (as of this writing), many companies in this space are well-funded and growing, and are investing in building their teams. Like some of our Web3 Awards winners. However, if you are expecting the traditional recruitment process with these companies, you may be in for a surprise. In general, many of these companies are looking to disrupt many of the processes the world has gotten accustomed to, making them more accessible, efficient, and digitized. And recruitment is no exception.

If you are looking for employment opportunities in the web3 or similar fields, here are a few ways that top companies are hiring.

Get Ready for Speedy and Informal Recruitment

Traditional jobs can require weeks or even months to find the right candidates, interview them, and then assess which ones to actually hire. But in the web3 world, this entire process is done on fast-forward. Some companies may even hire new personnel in as little as a week as they adapt their talent acquisition strategies to suit the new reality of the web3 world. And in many cases, the recruitment process itself is a lot more information than what you may be accustomed to.

Interviewing for a job in the web3 space may not feel as “stuffy” or “anxiety-inducing” as it might have felt in other industries, because company leaders themselves have a much more approachable vibe in the web3 sphere.

Finding Your Job in “Unconventional” Places

Web3 companies don’t always post a job opportunity on their website or job aggregators. Many leading tech companies confess they often look for new talent in places that could seem unconventional to many:

  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Twitter

What these platforms have in common is that they tend to attract web3 enthusiasts and host a plethora of communities. So of course, company managers will browse these groups to find talented people.

Technical Skills Might Not Matter As Much As You Think

Web3 companies aren’t just looking for highly skilled people to bring to their teams. Some of the web3 technologies are already very well known, so there is a huge possibility of not finding highly experienced people anyways. So to create balance, many web3 companies are also considering a person’s desire to grow, on top of what they already know how to do. If a regular interview might place lots of focus on your portfolio and work experience, you can pretty much bet a web3 interview will have you talking more about the future of your professional journey. Moreover, “like-mindedness” also holds a lot of weight for web3 companies. Skills can be taught to a point, but finding a person who embodies the values of a company and fits the culture can prove more difficult.

Onboarding Is More Important Than Ever

Onboarding is crucial for web3 companies, and most are placing a good deal of their focus on helping new hires settle into their companies. If you’re used to simple and speedy onboarding processes, a web3 company could surprise you. Some of the things they may focus on can include:

  • Helping new hires find their place within the team, even in a remote environment
  • Explaining the company culture
  • Helping people adjust to remove working environments if they are unfamiliar with it
  • Providing learning resources to improve their understanding of web3, crypto, blockchain, and other relevant topics

Final Thoughts: What Does This Mean for You?

If you are looking for a web3 job for the first time, get ready to experience a faster, more efficient, and just plain different recruiting process.The good news is, as the industry keeps growing you have plenty of opportunities available. To access your potential next collaboration, you can apply to Thirdwork today as a freelancer and connect with some of the best companies in the web3 space!

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