October 24, 2023

The Best Web3 Job Boards [2023 Updated]

A summary of the best places to find web3 jobs in 2023.

The digital landscape is shifting. A new wave of technology is changing how we interact online, bringing about a more decentralized, open, and user-centric web. This shift has spurred a new job market where blockchain technology and decentralized applications are at the forefront.

The demand for talent in this space is growing, and whether you're a job seeker looking to dive into the Web3 world, or a company on the lookout for the right talent, knowing where to look is half the battle.

We know you probably don't want more over-optimized word salad, so instead we're going to get straight to the list (with links):

The Ultimate Web3 Job Boards List (2023)


Thirdwork is more than just a job board; it’s a hub for professionals and employers in the Web3 sector. At Thirdwork, employers can post full-time job listings for free if they meet certain eligibility criteria, making it easier for them to find the right talent without breaking the bank​. Job-seekers can browse the web3 job board for new opportunies updated daily, or apply to join the web3 talent collective for more opportunities.


Dedicated solely to Web3 job listings, Web3.career is a popular choice among blockchain developers and DApp creators. The platform’s user-friendly interface and a variety of roles from top Web3 companies make the job search process less daunting​​.


Cryptocurrencyjobs.co is a global platform that caters to a broad audience, from crypto enthusiasts to analysts. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for roles in the cryptocurrency sector​.


Real-time job alerts are the hallmark of CryptoJobsList. It’s a go-to platform for blockchain startups and crypto traders looking for new opportunities. With a vast network of employers, finding the right match is a bit easier here​

Web3 Jobs

Web3 Jobs has established itself as a leading destination for individuals eyeing employment opportunities in the Web3 industry. Its extensive reach and collection of job listings make it a solid choice for job seekers​.


With a diverse range of crypto roles, Crypto.jobs is ideal for blockchain developers and crypto marketers. The platform’s design is intuitive, making the job-hunting experience a bit smoother​.


For those keen on working in the Web3 domain from anywhere in the world, Remote3.co is the perfect platform. It offers a range of remote Web3 job opportunities, catering to a global audience​.


Useweb3.xyz is unique for its focus on decentralized job postings. It’s a niche platform for decentralized app developers and smart contract writers keen on working in a decentralized environment​.


Cryptojobs.com offers a wide range of crypto roles catering to crypto project managers, blockchain consultants, and more. It’s a comprehensive platform for those looking to work on crypto projects​.


Primarily a platform for remote tech jobs, Remoteok.com also features Web3 listings. It’s a great choice for remote tech professionals and Web3 enthusiasts looking for flexible work arrangements​.


Cryptorecruit.com specializes in crypto recruitment. It’s a dedicated platform for crypto companies and blockchain experts, ensuring a tailored job-hunting experience​.

Ton Jobs

Ton Jobs is a platform for job seekers to find positions within the TON ecosystem projects. It lists various job openings including roles like Marketing Manager, Full-stack developer, and Content Creator, with most positions being remote​.


x.humans.work is not your typical Web3 job board. It takes a unique approach to Web3 recruitment, making it a platform worth exploring for those looking to stand out​.

The job boards listed above are stepping stones for anyone looking to venture into the Web3 job market.

They bridge the gap between innovative companies and adept professionals, making the journey into the Web3 domain a little less daunting. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer, these platforms are a good starting point in your Web3 job search.

The Best Web3 Job Boards [2023 Updated]

Giulia @ Thirdwork

Thirdwork Editorial Team

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