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Thirdwork helps startups build freelance superteams. Like special forces for your startup, get a pre-built and pre-vetted team of builders to accelerate your growth.

* Access to superteams is by request only.

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Why superteams?

The best startups move quickly. They ship fast, they launch fast,  they learn fast. And the best builders want freedom. They want to to work on awesome projects with talented people.

The world is moving towards fractional work. And the startups that win are the ones that will be able to rapidly build modular, flexible teams to surge onto projects.

But hiring teams of freelancers is hard. Do they have the skills we need? Will they work well together? Will the team fit into our organization? Raw skills matter, but so does culture.

That's the problem thirdwork solves. We help startups build on-demand freelance teams. From early-stage growth teams to post-PMF product teams, we build 'special forces for your startup'.

How we create our superteams

With experienced honed at startups and a team-formation approach inspired by Wharton's learning team model, let us build you a freelance superteam.

We hop on a call 💻

You tell us the details: what you're building, your timeline, and what you think you need to make your dream a reality,


Interview your team 🗣️

We'll introduce you to a team of builders that are ready to surge onto your project.


Customized onboarding 📝

Our methodology for buliding teams was honed at places like Wharton and Knoetic. Let us handle team formation and onboarding for you.


Ship like whoa 🚢

Get to work with a flexible team of talented freelance builders


Who is eligible for superteams?

We're rolling superteams out to eligible startups. Currently, we're working with venture-backed startups that are building web3 or crypto. If that's you, feel free to reach out.


I need a team

Get an on-demand team of freelance product, marketing and design experts to execute on your ambitious vision.

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I'm a builder

Top freelance builders join thirdwork to tap into great projects and work on stellar teams.

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